A Little bit about me

A november day in 1962, I first opened my eyes and grew up in a surburb of Stockholm. I was Always the best student in my class, but I also had the highest absence from School. My interests were primarily natural science and Music at that time. I also enjoyed painting now and then.

To make it short, I got a Ph.D in physical Chemistry 1995. I worked with computer simulations (of 'reality'), but the results we got at that time, were very often far from that reality. Now, I realize that I really  wasn't interested, but kept doing research until about 2003. I discovered painting a while after that year, which, I Think, was almost Life-saving to me. From that time, I have painted almost Daily and have had some exhibitions. I love experimenting with different styles, such as pop art, cubism, impressionism, etc. The motifs are also quite diverge (nudes, portraits, landscape, still Lifes and abstract painting). Common to most paintings are the many colors, sometimes 'earthy', sometimes more 'flashy'. About a year ago (2017), I started painting with oil and I will keep doing that...

Since about a year, I decided to take a Little break from the painting. A have some experience in silver working, after many years of Courses. Right now (feb. 2018), I am 'sculpturing' in silver (not silver clay though) and make pendants of them. I also make the necklaces, using rings or 'knitted' thin thread. I will resume the painting soon though, the goal is to do a Little of both.